Each SNKRZ user has their own stamina. Stamina is the most important value in the SNKRZ app. The total amount that can be walked through the day is determined through stamina.

All users have a basic 10 stamina. When the user starts activity through the app, their stamina decreases. Stamina increases according to the number of SNKRZ shoe NFTs owned, and additional stamina is provided for certain amounts and rarities. There is no limit to the number of shoes that can be owned

Stamina is fully recharged at 00:00 (GMT) once per day

There is no limit to the maximum stamina a user can have, and it is determined by the maximum number and grade of shoes they possess.

In addition, the unit of time for exercise per stamina increases on tiles a user occupies or on land using a stamina booster, allowing for more exercise. In addition, the stamina temporarily increases when other users walk on the traps the user has made.

change in stamina

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