Skins have unique stats depending on their type, with a total of five grades: Normal, Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legend. Skins can be equipped on shoes, but they need to be registered in the Skin Collection before they can be equipped. Once registered in the Skin Collection, skins are bound to the account and cannot be traded.

When a skin is equipped on a shoe, it adds its own stats to the shoe. Skins cannot be equipped on the same shoe multiple times, but they can be removed and transferred to another shoe. Equipping a skin on a shoe incurs a cost, but there is no cost for removing it. To sell or transfer a shoe, the equipped skin must be removed.

Each time a skin is added to the collection, the obtainable Workout Points increase, and completing a set of skins grants additional effects. New skin sets are available for each season, and the sets will be continuously updated.

Users can acquire skins in the form of random skin boxes within the app. When new skins are released, they can be obtained through draws and temporarily sold as guaranteed skins. The grade of a guaranteed skin is determined upon opening after purchase.

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