LAND Compositon

In SNKRZ, there is a metaverse space called SNKRZ Land that utilizes real-world maps. SNKRZ Land is divided into hexagonal tiles with a radius of 500 meters each, and it is constructed on a map identical to the real world.

Within SNKRZ Land, there are Land Conquerors who capture lands through physical activities, and Land Owners who possess Land NFTs. Land NFTs can be minted by users for unowned lands by selecting desired areas on the map. This process requires payment in $FIT or $FORCE tokens, or the acquisition of specific level-designated vouchers. Additionally, user-to-user transactions can be conducted through supported tokens on the SNKRZ Market or by transferring tokens between wallets.

Furthermore, to promote users' physical fitness, there is a pedometer function based on a specific step count. Users who exceed this step count are rewarded with Land Points for the day. The Land Points reward based on the minimum step count can be increased through owning lands of level 3 or higher and participating in SNKRZ Staking. Additionally, reaching step milestones like 5,000 or 10,000 steps yields additional Land Points for users focusing on improving their health.

The lands have levels, and to level up a land, a certain number of other lands, either at the same level or different levels, is required. Upon leveling up, the land that underwent the upgrade transforms into ownerless land, while the corresponding SNKRZ Land NFT becomes attributed to the foundation.

Land NFT owners have the ability to construct Breeding Centers, Refinement Centers, Staking Centers, and Observation Centers on their lands. These constructed centers enhance the connection between physical activities and the land by offering various functions to SNKRZ NFT users. The Land Staking Center allows users to stake level 50 sneakers, providing an additional way to earn Land Points


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