Open Mode

Open Mode

SNKRZ allows anyone to enjoy exercise through open mode, even for ordinary users without NFTs. Users without SNKRZ shoe NFTs will be able to exercise in the Open Mode and receive $POINT as a reward.

Open Mode users can also own SNKRZ LAND and participate in land spot events and occupy tiles. In the Open Mode, an advertisement will be shown when you click on the start button after starting exercise and click on the mission reward box. When Open Mode users first log in, they can choose one of the five modes of shoes, excluding the unlimited mode, and later use the $POINTs acquired in the Open Mode to unlock other modes of shoes.

  • Walking Mode

  • Jogging Mode

  • Running Mode

  • Bolt Mode

  • Unlimited Mode

In the Open Mode, regardless of the type of shoes, users are provided with a basic 60 stamina per day (at GMT 00:00), and they can earn Workout Points by consuming 1 stamina through exercise, just like in the NFT Mode. Users can also earn additional rewards by achieving missions.

In the Open Mode, users can earn $POINT each time they consume stamina during their workouts, and they have the opportunity to receive reward boxes by achieving mission objectives based on exercise distance. The $POINT earned through exercise can be collected by clicking on them, and any uncollected $POINT will reset daily

  1. My Current workout Mode: The exercise mode selected for your chosen shoes.

  2. Acquired WP: Workout Points earned per minute during exercise that accumulate over time.

  3. Remaining time for workout: Current remaining time.

  4. Exercise Record:

    • Distance (km): Cumulative distance covered during exercise.

    • Time: Total exercise time.

    • Steps: Counted steps

    • Kcal: Burned calories.

  5. Currently Wearing Shoes: The shoes currently being used for exercise.

  6. Map Settings: Settings to toggle the display of information on the map.

  7. Location Settings: Button to reset the location.

  8. Workout alert: Notification message.

  9. My Current Speed: Real-time display of your exercise speed.

  10. Accumulated Data:

    • Speed (km/h): Current exercise speed.

    • Fever: Fever gauge accumulated during exercise.

    • XP: Experience points earned during exercise.

    • Durability: Durability consumed during exercise.

  11. Pause Button: Button used to pause the exercise.

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