Shoe Breeding

In order for a new SNKRZ shoe NFT to be born, two shoes must give birth to a new SNKRZ Box through the breeding system. This system is called the breeding system

Breeding conditions

G0 shoes can be bridged up to 7 times, and G1 shoes can be bridged up to 4 times. To start breeding, each shoe must not be in a rental or sale state, have a durability of 100, and both shoes must meet the required level based on the remaining number of attempts.

The cost and required level for breeding vary depending on the number of breeding attempts. As the number of remaining attempts decreases, the required level for breeding increases, but the breeding cost decreases. In addition, for breeding of shoes with certain rarity or higher, $FORCE and $FIT will both be required.

The newly born SNKRZ box is given rarity and generation such as G1, G2, etc. The generation of the newly born shoes is determined as the next generation of the later-born parent shoes among the parent shoes, and can affect future game play.

SNKRZ can be bridged starting from level 10, regardless of the generation. As the generation increases, such as G1, G2, the number of times bridging can be performed decreases by 1 each. When you reach SNKRZ Level 50, you will receive an additional 2 breeding attempts. The additional breeding attempts can be used by spending $FIT

The number of times SNKRZ breeding is possible


SNKRZ boxes contain SNKRZ shoe NFTs. SNKRZ Boxes are classified into Normal, Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legend grades, and the grades of the shoes that can be obtained when opening each box are determined according to the grade of the box.

The grade of the parent shoe that participate in breeding determines the grade of the SNKRZ box that is born through breeding. In addition, each parent's workout mode and dubree socket determines the workout mode and socket of the child shoe. During breeding, shoe boxes of the same or higher rarity as the shoes used in the breeding can appear.

Probability of breeding a SNKRZ Box

The probability of the grade of the SNKRZ box that is born through breeding depends on the grade of the parent shoes, as follows. Legend-grade shoes can only be breed with Legend or Unique-grade shoes, and Unique-grade shoes can only be breed with Unique or Epic-grade shoes

Exercise Mode during SNKRZ breeding

The exercise mode of the shoe that come out of the Box is determined by the exercise modes of the parent shoes that were bred. If the parent shoes have the same exercise mode, the probability of that exercise mode appearing is higher.

Probability of Shoes after Box is Opened

Upon opening a shoe box, the probability of the shoe grade is determined based on the grade of the box. There is a difference in the probability of the shoe grade upon opening a G0 shoe box and G1 or later generation shoe boxes.

  • G0 SNKRZ box opening probability

  • Probability of opening SNKRZ boxes for generations after G1

Breeding Reward System

If my breeding shoes are owned by a friend you invited, you will receive additional rewards in addition to a portion of the repair costs used by each shoe, including my child shoes, through all generations down two levels from the breeding shoes.

Fast Breeding

β€œFast Breeding” allows breeding to occur regardless of the breeding count, as long as the shoe meets the minimum level requirement of 10, unlike regular breeding. However, due to the lower breeding level limit of Fast Breeding, it consumes more breeding costs compared to regular breeding.

The appearance probability of SNKRZ boxes based on parent shoes remains the same for Fast Breeding as it is for regular breeding. During Fast Breeding, shoes of the Legendary grade can only be bred with shoes of the Legendary or Unique grade, while Unique grade shoes can only be bred with Unique or Epic grade shoes.

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