Default Mode

The default mode is the most basic mode in SNKRZ, where users own SNKRZ NFTs and can use them to engage in workouts. Users can participate in exercise activities by declaring their owned NFTs within the SNKRZ app.

Users can earn Workout Points (WP) by progressing through workouts based on given goals and appropriate exercise conditions. The number of WP obtained each day determines the amount of $FORCE rewarded to the user.

Workout points are determined based on various activities within the SNKRZ app, such as the grade, level, stats, NFT holdings, activity, collection, and more, each contributing to 1 stamina point per activity

How to workout with SNKRZ

  1. My Current workout Mode: The exercise mode selected for your chosen shoes.

  2. Acquired WP: Workout Points earned per minute during exercise that accumulate over time.

  3. Available Stamina: Current remaining stamina.

  4. Exercise Record:

    • Distance (km): Cumulative distance covered during exercise.

    • Time: Total exercise time.

    • Steps: Counted steps

    • Kcal: Burned calories.

  5. Currently Wearing Shoes: The shoes currently being used for exercise.

  6. Map Settings: Settings to toggle the display of information on the map.

  7. Location Settings: Button to reset the location.

  8. Workout alert: Notification message.

  9. My Current Speed: Real-time display of your exercise speed.

  10. Accumulated Data:

    • Speed (km/h): Current exercise speed.

    • Fever: Fever gauge accumulated during exercise.

    • XP: Experience points earned during exercise.

    • Durability: Durability consumed during exercise.

  11. Pause Button: Button used to pause the exercise.


As users consume stamina during exercise, the durability of their workout shoes decreases. When the durability drops below 90, the amount of Workout Points obtained decreases. The durability of the shoes is determined at the start of the exercise, and any decrease in durability during the exercise does not affect the earned Workout Points.

The rate of durability decrease is influenced by the workout points and bonus workout points of the worn shoes. Higher workout points for the worn shoes result in slower durability depletion, while higher bonus workout points lead to faster durability depletion. If the user fails to maintain an appropriate exercise speed, the durability may decrease further.

The durability can always be repaired except during workouts, and the repair cost is determined based on factors such as the daily discount, and the total level of the owned shoes, which affects the repair discount rate

Exercise and Land

As users progress through exercise, they can discover various exercise reward items and receive them as rewards. These reward items include Duvele, which increases the abilities of their shoes, traps that can be used on tiles, and various boosters for spots and land. Reward items are initially obtained in a hidden state and can be revealed by using $FORCE. The $FORCE used for this purpose is recirculated within the ecosystem, creating a healthy ecosystem.

Users can walk around SNKRZ Land, which is directly connected to the map on a 1:1 scale, through their exercise. Specific spots on the actual map offer various events. Additionally, users can claim and occupy tiles they frequently visit through their exercise, and the number of occupied tiles determines the various rewards and benefits within the ecosystem. Moreover, there are various interactions during exercise, such as increased stamina and fever, as well as decreased durability, based on the level, attributes, and boosters assigned to the passing land.

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