Breeding Centers

The probability of higher-grade Shoes Box appearances and twin occurrences increases during breeding

Staking Centers

You can acquire $FIT by staking level 50 SNKRZ

Refining Centers

During gem synthesis, the success rate for higher-grade synthesis

City hall

Grant a bonus to the acquisition speed of nearby Land Points

Breeding Centers

The Breeding Center is a building that increases the appearance probability of high-grade SNKRZ Boxes and the probability of twin occurrences during breeding for SNKRZ users. The Breeding Center can be constructed by the owner of a Level 3 or higher Land. While only land owners can construct the Breeding Center, it is accessible to all users.

The owner of the Land can construct the Breeding Center for free, while users can utilize the Breeding Center by paying a higher cost than the existing breeding fee. A portion of the breeding fee paid by the user is allocated to the owner of the Land where the Breeding Center is built.

  • Breeding Center construction cost: Free

  • Breeding Center breeding cost: Existing breeding cost * 1.1

  • Payment to Land owner: 5% of the breeding cost

The probability of high-grade SNKRZ Box appearance and the probability of twin occurrences during breeding are determined based on the grade of SNKRZ used in breeding. When breeding SNKRZ of the same grade, the likelihood of obtaining a higher-grade SNKRZ Box increases. When breeding SNKRZ of different grades, the probability of obtaining a SNKRZ Box of the same grade as the higher-grade SNKRZ among the two SNKRZ used in breeding increases.

  • Breeding probabilities - When breeding SNKRZ of the same grade, the probability of obtaining a higher-grade SNKRZ box = original probability * 1.5.

    - When breeding SNKRZ of different grades, the probability of obtaining a SNKRZ box of the same grade as the higher-grade SNKRZ = original probability * 1.2.

  • Twin occurrence probability


























The Breeding Center has a limitation on the number of breeding sessions available per week, and the usage limit increases with the higher level of the Land

  • The number of available breeding sessions at the Breeding Center varies according to the level of the Land.

Level of LandsNumber of breeding opportunities within a week.

Lv 3

1 time

Lv 4

2 times

Lv 5

5 times

Staking Center

The Staking Center is a building where SNKRZ users can stake level 50 SNKRZ they have nurtured to earn Land Points along with exercise. The owner of the land with a level of Lv3 or higher can construct the Staking Center.

The Staking Center has 3 slots, and when constructing the Staking Center, one slot will be opened for free. To open additional slots, you need the land's level and $FIT. The construction cost of the Staking Center is free, and no cost is incurred when staking SNKRZ.

The number of Land Points you can obtain from the Staking Center is determined by the grade and quality stats of the staked SNKRZ. The durability of staked SNKRZ decreases each time they earn Land Points, and $FRC is consumed for SNKRZ repair.

You can only obtain Land Points from the Staking Center if there are mineable Land Points remaining in the land where the Staking Center is built. Obtaining Land Points from the Staking Center does not decrease the land's mineable Land Points.

The land with the Staking Center cannot be sold or transferred, and to do so, the staked SNKRZ must be released. To release the staking, the durability of SNKRZ must be at 100, and $FIT is consumed. If the mineable Land Points in the land where the center is built are 0, SNKRZ will be automatically released for free

Refining Centers

At the Refining Centers, regardless of the type of gem, you can upgrade to a higher grade gem using materials of the same grade. The probability of obtaining gems during the upgrade is determined based on the type of gem used in the refining process.

The Refining Centers can be constructed by landowners on their level 3 or higher land. While only landowners can build the Refining Centers, it is accessible to all users. Landowners can construct the Refining Centers for free, and users can use it by spending $FIT. A portion of the $FIT spent by users goes to the landowner where the Refining Centers is located.

The Refining Centers has a limited number of uses per week, and the number of uses increases with the level of the land.

  • Refining Center Construction Cost: Free

  • Refining Center Usage Cost: Refining cost * 1.1

  • Payment to Landowner: 5% of the Refining Center Usage Cost

  • Number of Refining Center Uses Based on Land Level

Land LevelNumber of synthesis attempts available per week

Lv 3


Lv 4


Lv 5


  • The synthesis probability at the Refining Center

Gradeλ ˆμ–΄μ—ν”½μœ λ‹ˆν¬λ ˆμ „λ“œμ‹ ν™”

Success Probability






City Hall

The City Hall is a building in Land that grants an acquisition speed bonus to Land Points obtained every hour. Land owners can construct it if they meet specific conditions. The number of Centers that can be constructed on Land depends on the Land level. However, the City Hall can be constructed regardless of the number of available Centers, as long as the conditions are met. It is not counted as one of the constructible Centers.

To construct a City Hall, the owner must possess a central Land and the surrounding six Lands. If all seven Lands have the same owner, a City Hall can be built on the central Land. Both the central Land and the surrounding Lands must be at level 3 or higher.

The Land Point acquisition speed bonus granted by the City Hall applies to both the central land and the surrounding lands. Lands cannot receive overlapping bonus effects from multiple City Halls, and the seven lands used for City Hall construction cannot be used for the construction of other City Halls.

If the construction conditions for the City Hall are not met while it is already built on a Land, the bonus effects from the City Hall will not be activated.

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