On the SNKRZ Land, all areas are divided into hexagons. Users naturally move on top of the tile through exercise. The user who has walked on the tile the most in the past week can occupy the tile and become its owner.

To become a tile owner, you need to occupy the tile, and depending on the tile, there may be either individual or competitive occupancy.

  • 1 person occupation: To occupy a tile with no owner, one must maintain it for over an hour from the moment of exercising for over 1 km. In this case, the person can become the owner and receive a Pioneer Bonus.

  • Competitive occupation: To occupy a tile with an existing owner, one must maintain the top distance of that tile for over an hour. The minimum distance required to become a new owner is 1 km.

Tiles are divided into landmark tiles and regular tiles depending on the type.

  • Landmark Tiles: Tiles that can be occupied by users who participate in the landmark challenge.

  • Regular Tiles: Tiles whose grade is determined by the number of users exercising on them, and the user with the longest exercise distance can occupy them.

    • Tile grades are divided into S, A, B, C, D, based on the number of users.

  • Users who have explored uncharted tiles become pioneers and receive a Time Save effect for a certain period

Tile gradesSABCDPioneers

Time save







The owner of a regular tile can use functions such as tile pic settings, tile nickname changes, and megaphone, and the more they use these functions, the more bonus Workout Points they can earn per 1 stamina. The Workout Point bonus is only maintained when the user is the owner of the tile.

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