SNKRZ is a social fitness reward platform that allows users to enjoy exercise, health, and rewards together. It is also a Move-And-Earn service based on the Wemix, Ethereum, Polygon and Klaytn networks. SNKRZ NFTs or simply shoes (used interchangeably throughout), which correspond to virtual shoes on the Metaverse, and the SNKRZ APP, which allows users to wear them, exist.
Users can purchase SNKRZ NFTs and use the app to perform various types of exercise (such as walking, running, cycling, and hiking) in various modes, and receive rewards in the form of $FORCE and $FIT tokens. In addition, users can record their exercise data and check various exercise information including the number of steps and calories burned based on their basic health information.
There are various indicators in SNKRZ, which affect play. There are five main abilities that are given to users and shoes, such as stamina, fever, and charisma, and these affect the play of SNKRZ. In addition, users can choose their own exercise through the cycle and hiking modes, and compete with other users to earn rewards.
SNRKZ Land is a virtual space depicted on an actual map. Land owners can earn Land Points and receive $FIT as a reward through it. Additionally, as the owner of the land, you can provide various benefits to Sneakers users, such as stamina boosters, durable boosters, and more, in order to promote your land
Connecting the Real World to the Metaverse. Now enjoy running even more with SNKRZ!
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