The maximum supply of $FORCE is limited to 1 billion tokens, and a certain amount of $FORCE is supplied to users daily.

The daily issuance of $FORCE is dynamically adjusted based on the number of active users and the amount of $FORCE consumed within the sneaker app. The scale of $FORCE issuance is determined at 00:00 GMT.

$FORCE reward

The total supply of $FORCE is 1 billion, and there is a limit on the daily issuance. $FORCE is distributed to users from the basic pool and the competitive pool, and the $FORCE pool is determined at the settlement benchmark time (GMT 00:00).

The basic pool and competitive pool are determined dynamically based on the user's activities within the SNKRZ app. The sizes of the basic pool and competitive pool are calculated by separate formulas and do not affect each other.

  • Basic Pool: The basic pool is determined proportionally to the number of users who exercise daily.

  • Competition Pool: The competition pool is determined by the change in $FORCE usage within the SNKRZ app by users.

During a workout, users can consume stamina to earn Workout Points. Based on the earned Workout Points, the user is eligible for both base and competition rewards, which are combined and distributed as $FORCE after the settlement time (GMT 00:00). After settlement, the Workout Points are reset.

  • The base reward is determined by plugging in the user's acquired Workout Point into the base reward formula, providing the user with a minimum reward.

  • The maximum limit for Workout Points that can be received as a reward is 50,000 WP

$FORCE is used in various ways within the SNKRZ ecosystem, and its usage will continue to expand based on the service operations.

  • SNKRZ Level Up

  • SNKRZ Breeding

  • SNKRZ Repair

  • Staking Center Usage

  • Challenge Participation

  • Land Purchase

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