Buff type

Buff type items come in the form of duration-based items and one-time use items. Duration-based items with the same effect, excluding Stat Boost, cannot be stacked or applied simultaneously.

Using multiple duration-based items with the same effect will extend the overall duration, while using different items with the same effect but varying efficiency will apply the effect of the most recently used item.

In addition to purchasing items, players can also acquire various items at the Spot. Items initially appear in a concealed state and are revealed upon revival. Reviving items incurs a cost.

Duration options for buff-type items include: - 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day.


Time Save

Users can rapidly deplete their stamina to acquire workout points more quickly

Fever Boost

Users can accelerate the charging of their Fever Boost gauge


Tile Boost

Normal: Records the distance between left/right tiles.

Premium: Records the distance between the surrounding 6 tiles

Spot Magnet

Normal: Automatically acquires spots during exercise.

Premium: Automatically acquires spots during exercise (double the range)

Stat Boost The stats of the shoes the user possesses increase by 1% during the duration of the item effect. Upon purchasing a random stat boost, the stat is randomly determined when opening the item. Unlike other items, the effects can stack, but the duration of the currently used item does not extend. The stats can be Performance, Luck, Quality, Tenacity, or Fever.


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