Rental Mode

fixed-rate and auction

SNKRZ NFT owners can lend their NFT to others. If they want to rent it out, the owner can determine the distribution ratio of Workout Point generated by the NFT. This ratio is divided into fixed ratio and auction ratio. The provider can set the ratio to a fixed value and offer it, or the renter can propose a ratio. Through this, users who own high-grade shoes can create various income structures.


Fixed Ratio

The NFT owner sets the ratio to a fixed percentage rate

Auction Ratio

Decision is made after being presented by an offer by the user looking to rent

Users who submit rentals can choose the number of days that the renter must participate in exercise according to the type of rental, and can not retract the contents of the proposal for 48 hours after submitting it to the rental market.

The rental period can be set up to a maximum of 4 weeks in 1 week increments. SNKRZ shoe NFT rented during the rental period cannot be sold in the secondary market or within the app.

In the case of auction ratio, users in the Open Mode spend $FORCE every time they propose and change the auction ratio. The provider and renter use $FORCE at the time the rental contract is concluded.

The provider can only proceed with the rental when the durability of the shoes is 100. When the renter exercises the rented shoes, the repair cost is automatically deducted from the acquired reward to maintain a durability of 100 at the end of each activity. Workout Point is automatically distributed to the provider and borrower at the end of the activity

The renter will receive a penalty through the deduction of charisma level if they are unable to adhere to the exercise dates presented at the time of the rental contract as an open mode user with a charisma level equal to or greater than the rental participation.

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