$SKZ and $FNF

$SKZ is the in-game token, and there is no minting date. It is minted only when a user starts a workout.
$FNF is the governance token with a total supply of 6,000,000,000. As a holder, users may participate and vote on important decisions that will shape the future of SNKRZ. A portion of the tokens will be allocated to the team, investors, advisors, and the ecosystem. $FNF tokens may be listed on launchpads, CEXes, and DEXes.

Burning mechanism of $SKZ

In order to stabilize the prices of $SKZ and $FNF and prevent hyper inflation, all tokens used for fee purposes in the app will be burned. Below is a list of the burning mechanics. The list will continue to grow as the service grows.
โˆ™ Purchase of shoes โˆ™ Sales of shoes โˆ™ Repair of shoes โˆ™ Leveling up shoes โˆ™ Breeding shoes โˆ™ Synthesis of shoes โˆ™ Participation in shoe's Lucky Draws โˆ™ Purchase of Dubrae โˆ™ Installation of Dubrae โˆ™ Synthesis of Dubrae โˆ™ Purchase of Items โˆ™ Sale of items โˆ™ Purchase of LAND โˆ™ Sale of LAND โˆ™ Leveling up LAND โˆ™ LAND repair โˆ™ Use of LAND items โˆ™ Sale of LAND items โˆ™ Burning of 10% of the total compensation at the time of rental โˆ™ Partial burn of advertising revenue from Open Mode users โˆ™ Burning of cashing out fees for Open Mode users
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$SKZ and $FNF
Burning mechanism of $SKZ