LAND Composition

SNKRZ LAND is composed of: SPOT, TILE, and LAND.


The SNKRZ Foundation will randomly place Spots on a Land where various events will be held and where users can earn extra rewards in $SKZ, $FIT, and Stamina when they pass by the Spot.
Apart from the SNKRZ Foundation, any user whether it is a small business owner, a corporation, a Land owner, or an ordinary user can create a Spot where they can reward users with $SKZ and $FIT as a simple reward format, start a specific quest, and more. $SKZ and $FIT spent to open a Spot are burnt.


All areas are divided into hexagons on SNKRZ Land. Users will naturally move on Tiles during workout. Users who walk or enter the most on a specific Tile in the past week is granted control over that Tile, and the more Tiles users control, the more they can enjoy various benefits in the ecosystem, including increased Stamina and daily earning cap.
When users click on a Tile, they can check the number of steps of other users who have walked over it, and the control of that Tile will keep changing according to the step count record of users. The user who control the Tile can earn a small amount of $SKZ through the steps of other users.
If there already is a Land owner of the Tile that a user controls, they can still earn $SKZ. However, it will be a relatively small amount compared to the Land owner.


LAND owners get rewarded in $SKZ every time a user enters their LAND. Owners with a higher LAND level will earn $FIT rewards.
Except for airdrops to multiple accounts that participated in the SNKRZ NFT minting event, a tier level will be assigned to tiles according to accurate traffic data from GPS and communications networks. Tiers are randomly assigned to a LAND owner during a LAND minting event.
Owners can also rent their LAND to other users. Users who rent can invite and attract other users to visit the LAND by utilizing Boost items and taking advantage of the effect between adjacent LANDs.
LAND owners can show off their LAND in the image they wish. However, for usability reasons, users can decide which mode, whether a general map or a different map, to turn on or off while exercising. Images that are sexually explicit or offensive may not be allowed.