Items and Quest

Item Mode

In SNKRZ, you can obtain various items through the app and through exercise. The items are initially not revealed and are revealed at reveal. Revealing items requires the spending of $SKZ. Items can also be purchased through the app's market.
In the Open Mode, users can also obtain items with a basic probability, and can sell them in the app's market to earn rewards.
Items can be stored up to the amount of inventory you have, and the inventory can be expanded up to a maximum of 8 depending on the level, spending SKZ and FIT. If the inventory is full, the user cannot obtain any more new items.
All items are guided through vibration when they are activated and hit, and cannot be used for safety reasons during exercise. For example, in the case of the rocket, which is an attack item, you can recognize it through vibration 5 minutes after being hit.
If a user comes within a 100m radius within 6 hours of setup, a portion of their Stamina is acquired.
Acquire a portion of a nearby user's Stamina by shooting at them.
Use it on a nearby user and recognize their speed as mine.
Fly it to a nearby user and get an additional reward equal to theirs.
Increase the reward speed of nearby users momentarily.
Partially replenish a nearby user's Stamina.
Block opponent's Items.
Partially replenishes the user's Stamina.
Activates Fever Time momentarily.
Stamina, Lucky, Durable, Fever Boost (available for sale, but only for LAND owners).

Quest Mode

Users may discover random quests while using the app. Quests are divided into Bronze, Silver, and Gold categories, which depend on the difficulty and prize of the quest. In some cases of Gold Quests, $FIT may be earned as a reward. Existing Stamina is not used when a quest is started.
In addition, quests can be opened by LAND owners and corporate users for marketing and advertising purposes. In this case, the place where the quest is in progress is shown on the entire map, and users can participate in the quest by just visiting.