📼Change Log

May 15th, 2022
  • Definition of time for Stamina and time to replenish

  • Name change for Soft Cap and Hard Cap to Daily Cap and Bonus Cap, respectively

  • Clarification of the relationship between Stamina and Land, Tiles, and Spots

  • Redefined Traps (increase user's Stamina rather than steal someone else's)

  • Name change of Slow Mode to Open mode

  • Redefined the relationship between Charisma earned by inviting friends and the Stamina of invited friends

  • Clarified the definition of Charisma and the relationship between Land and Tiles

  • Defined the withdrawal conditions and rental mode participation for Open Mode users depending on Charisma level

  • Defined withdrawal conditions for Open Mode users

  • Clarified definitions of Fever, Fever Stats, and Fever Gauge

  • Refined reduction policy in case of non-continuous exercise

  • Name change of Modes and definition of compensation, extension, and earning cap of exercise

  • Removed Endurance among the abilities of shoes

  • Added an extra shoe mode (Unlimited Mode)

  • Changed the stats value of shoe's grade abilities

  • Definition and description of a shoe's skin

  • Definition and description of the composition of a guild according to a shoe's skin

  • Changes in the composition of the SNKRZ Land (Spot, Tile, Land)

  • Definition and description of Spot

  • Definition and description of Tile

  • Changes in FNF supply and added more burning mechanics

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