LAND Properties and Characteristics

LAND Level and Durability

LAND's Experience Points increase according to user visits per hour, which can also increase the level. Leveling up burns $SKZ, and as it levels up, more $SKZ is burnt. Above a certain level, $FIT is burnt.
LAND loses Durability based on the amount of traffic density per hour. The decrease in Durability is proportional to the number of rewards from users' visits. $SKZ is used to repair Durability.

LAND's Corporate Customers and the Rental System

A portion of the LAND available may be sold to corporate customers. Corporate customers may purchase tiles for their actual real-world buildings and exhibition stores.
LAND owners can rent to corporate customers if their LANDs achieve a certain level. Corporate customers who wish to exhibit an advertisement may purchase LAND or rent from someone who owns the desired LAND. The owner will be compensated as a reward for the ad paid by the renting corporate customer.

LAND items

LAND items are used to attract users to visit. LAND items can be gained by users through exercise and can also be purchased through the in-app marketplace.
Stamina Booster
Reduces the user's Stamina consumption
Lucky Booster
Increases the probability of Items dropped in the area.
Durable Booster
Reduces the user's Durability reduction.
Fever Booster
Increases the user's Fever.

LAND Quest

LAND owners can issue quests within a time limit through specific missions, etc.
First-come-first-serve Event
$SKZ paid to first-come-first-served visitors
Treasure Hunt Event
Lucky Box provided if you move around within a certain time

LAND Purchase Priority

The purchase option priority order of LAND is as follows.
Airdrops to multiple SNKRZ NFT holders since minting > OG > WL and afterward WL2 is randomly assigned to each selected tier